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Quran airpods

An Imam in Palestine who leads Taraweeh prayers said:

“There’s a person who always attends taraweeh in the first row has Down Syndrome which is why his voice can be loud sometimes, and other times, he does rukoo’ and sujood without the imam. And when I raise from rukoo’ and say Sami’Allaahu liman Hamidah (Allah listens to whom praises Him), that person innocently cries out loud

“Do you hear me Allah?”

and when we do sujood, he innocently cries out loud

“I love you Allah!”

I cannot hide my tears after salah. Someone asked me what’s wrong, and I told him that that person with Down Syndrome worships Allah better than us.

It is truly us who are down… He deals with Allah as if he sees Him! That is ihsaan.

He doesn’t just worship Allah, he LOVES Allah! May we worship Allah with better love, sincerity and of course, authenticity.