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Download files for the Quran AirPods. You can choose to download & use these files to update on the QuranPods. The files are fully ready to download & drop straight on to the Quran AirPods.

Follow these steps to delete, download & update:-

1. Connect the Quran AirPods to a desktop or a laptop with the provided USB type C cable

2. Once connected it will show up as QURANPODS, double click the file if you want to delete anything on the device.

3. Select the file you wish to download from this page, whilst this file is downloading go to the QuranPods & create a folder of the name of the sheikh which is downloading. 

 4. Once the download is complete drag & drop the files one by one or by selecting files in order starting from 001 to 114 to the name of the sheikh which you have just created in the QuranPods drive or copy & paste it. By copying them one by one or by making sure they are selected in order will allow the product to have the files in order, if you just copy the whole folder the files will not be ik order. Once this has been done allow the laptop & the QuranPods to complete the data transfer.

5. Once transfer is complete you should be able to continue using your QuranPods with the selected reciters.

Links to the downloadable files are below, feel free to help yourself. We will not be responsible if you mess your device up by doing it incorrectly.


Mishary Al Afasy being the highest quality.

Mishary Al Afasy Full Quran with English Translation

Mishary Al Afasy Full Quran

Nasser Al Qatami Full Quran

Salah Al Bukhatir Full Quran

Shaikh Hudhaify Full Quran

Shaikh Maher Full Quran

Shaikh Shatri

Shaikh Shuraim

Shaikh Shuraim Full Quran Quarter by Quarter

Shaikh Shuraim – Juz by Juz Full Quran

Shaikh Sudais

Mishary Al Afasy Full Quran Verse by Verse

Mishary Al Afasy Full Quran Juz by Juz

13 Line Page by Page Quran – Maher

15 Line Page by Page Quran – Mishary Al Afasy

Manzil & Ruqya


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