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After 5 years of desperation, father leaves anti-islamic (EDP group) to reunite with his daughter who converted to islam.
A Muslim convert has spoken of ‘one of the best days of my life’ when she was reunited with her father after he shunned the EDL.
Faith Abbey, 28, shared an emotional hug and a Turkish lunch with her father in London this week after they were separated for five years.
They had been close until he developed what she describes as ‘narrow minded and rigid views on Muslims’.
Her father, who she did not want to name, then joined the English Defence League (EDL), a far-right group linked to disorder at protests and poisonous messages on social media.
Faith, from Berkshire, said: ‘We spent five years apart after my father developed narrow-minded and rigid views on Muslims and their presence in the UK.
He would send me messages in the middle of the night asking me questions like what’s happening in Syria or Afghanistan, insinuating Muslims generally or myself are generally in the know.
‘And then I realised he had become heavily involved with the EDL.
‘He was in trouble with the police for various incidents related to the EDL and realised he had fallen in with the wrong kind of people.
‘He realised that the people in life who have been most kind to him and generous and forgiving are actually Muslims and they are kind people who are full of love, not hate. He also realised a lot of what the EDL believe about Muslims is not actually true.’