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Sabeeha Begum

My 4 year old daughter has memorised Surah Fatihah by constantly listening to it on the Quran Buds. May ‎ﷲ‎‬ Grant barakah in yourbusiness & make it a means of Quran memorisation.




My son is constantly listening to his Sabak on the QuranPods, it has made it really easy for him. He feels like he has a home tutor available whenever he requires it. Thank you for making this device.


Muhammad Mansour

The product is amazing allowing me to listen to more Quran instead of music. It’s really helping me get closer to ‎ﷲ‎‬ so I would like to thank you for making such an amazing product.



I really can’t fault this amazing product. just so grateful I came across this on instagram & its something I can’t live without now. What an amazing idea to come up with. Prefect for all Huffadh or those on their journey of Hifdh. The product has benefitted me greatly & the service I’ve received has also been faultless.



I decided to gift myself the Qur’aan Buds so I can listen to them while reading Qur’aan & clear any mistakes I may have while reading. Now that bubs will be in full time school I can sit back, listen to the Qur’aan & decorate my cookies on the go. ‎إن شاء الله‬ this will help me in memorising certain surahs I’m trying to learn.

I also like the idea of listening to the Qur’aan just before snuggling in to bed.

I had the habit of listening to Surah Baqarah on my phone every 3 days but often got ads interrupting in between which was really annoying. Alhamdulillah this is just perfect, it’s small & compact so the idea of bubs reaching them is worry free & I can have it played on in the evening just like I used to for the family to listen to.